Friday, 27 February 2015

PES Inquiry 2015

Creating independence and cognitive engagement in literacy tasks.

This is the focus for my inquiry looking into what best practices are most useful and effective in accelerating our students learning, especially in the area of literacy.

As a new teacher to the Manaiakalani community of digital learners, and in particular 1-1 devices with year 7 and 8 students,  I am steadily becoming familiar with the “Learn, Create, Share” philosophy running across the cluster.

My inquiry will be focusing on the CREATE part of this.
I feel this is a strong need in my practice as I have the content and curriculum knowledge of what the students need to learn at this age level, but need to inquire as to how to make this effective using their devices.

I will be looking at what open ended activities will help students become more engaged and yet still maintain the higher order thinking needed at year 7 and 8 level.
My first steps into my inquiry will be to assess what needs or “must haves” do the students need to have now, in order to cope with the learning that is needed at senior school level. This will require a lot of “filling in the gaps” and intense vocabulary work.

As part of the support systems set up for new Manaiakalani teachers, I am also receiving help from Kayla Hansell with activities that will help keep students engaged in their learning.