Thursday, 23 February 2017

Inquiry Clarification

Inquiry focus: "Will devoting more time to number knowledge, accelerate the rate in which students pick up strategies and mathematical concepts?"

Reasons: My reasons for choosing this focus was based on students IKAN test results. Students end of 2016 reports put their GLOSS stages at sitting 'AT' the national standard (stages 6-7). But when students sat the IKAN test at the start of 2017, their results were coming out at stages 4-5. This put their number knowledge well below the standard. The 2 main areas across the Y7&8 block where they showed weakness was in place value and fractions.

Hypothesis: My hypothesis is, if I devote more class time to actually learning and practicing place value and fractions, the gaps students had in their learning will be filled and they would be able to make greater gains not only in number but also in understanding strategies and mathematical concepts.

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