Friday, 5 May 2017

Number Knowledge vs Strategy

Last night was our first CoL meeting for Term 2. One of the highlights for me was listening to others share about their inquiries in our small groups. We were also given the opportunity to respond to prompting questions about our inquiries also received useful feedback from our colleagues. One of the prompts was 'What are possible next steps for planning my teaching inquiry?'. This has lead me to reflect on my Term 1 observations when my focus was mainly on teaching just number knowledge.

This lead me back to the NZ Maths Site. Delving into its numerous resources and research has helped me get a better understanding for what I need to target when teaching my priority students. In my haste to try and push for number knowledge I haven't adequately balanced the scales to account for the back and forth teaching of strategy too! Here is an excerpt from the online numeracy PD - Number framework.

So I will definitely be keeping this in the forefront of my mind when planning for my students. I was also reminded of some slides shared by Jo Knox in our first PD in Term 1.


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