Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Knowing your end product at the start of the year

"By the end of Year 8 - What do you want your learners to leave with?"

This question was proposed to us by our team leader as the starting point for our first Team 5 team meeting for 2019. And what a starting point it was! Straight away we knew what we wanted our learners to leave us with. Basically, this was my own planning I had done before attending this meeting. Nothing was written down... nothing concrete or tangible in terms of resources... but what did I want my learners to look like, act like, think like for 2019. This question was a great starter and here is what Danni and I came up with.

A lot of these could be grouped together and when given the task of selecting our top 2 we came up with "Showing the Pt England Way" - where excellence is the norm and everything under the Pt England Way is simply the way they are in how they speak and conduct themselves. Our 2nd was Purposeful - this included being goal orientated and knowing what their purpose for coming to school was.

This set an awesome foundation on which we used to talk about our planning. Not just curriculum planning, but also the culture of our classroom/classroom environment. Planning what we are going to say, do, change in order to get to this end product.

This definitely set me up (mindset wise) and how I planned to foster my students to have a love for school and becoming life long learners. Being confident in who they are and how to cope with high school.

Very excited for the year ahead and getting to know my learners - so watch this space!

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  1. Talofa Latini. I really enjoyed this robust discussion around what we want for our children's to possess when leaving us as year 8 students for college in the new year! The culture of any teaching space is vital to the progress and growth that will happen there - I know you agree! Thinking now of even the example of a school principal who picks up rubbish and cleans before the troops arrive for the day - so that high standard is expressed at all times - even in the form of a tidy school! Awesome that our team have started all on the same page.