Monday, 3 August 2015

How has my teaching changed?

Term 3 has kicked off to a great start. Our first inquiry meeting offered some good insights into how (if any) our teaching practice has changed thus far. The biggest changes I have made to my teaching since arriving at Pt England, would be teaching students who are all on 1:1 devices. This challenged my approach to teaching and how I was to deliver the curriculum. This also brought along other challenges such as dealing with students who leave their chrome books at home, chrome books not charged, as well as keeping up to date with 'marking' students work through their folders or commenting on their blogs. All this however, was dealt with through the help and support and my fellow staff and team members as well as Manaiakalani facilitators.

In terms of my actual teaching, the changes I have made have been as a result of the year level I am teaching (Y7/8). By the time students have reached Year 7 & 8, the levels at which each student operates at differs and the gaps between students also widen the older they get. The changes I have made have been in 'what' actually gets taught to them. In the planning stages of what to deliver my students, I had to prioritise what 'must haves' students needed to address first in order for them to cope with work at year 6, 7 or 8 level.

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