Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Maths PD with Jo Knox - Part 2

Our series of PD's we've had with Jo Knox have been really useful in terms of content knowledge and also a reminder for all the things we need to consider when planning our maths lessons for our students.

One of the 'gems' I got out of the PD was the use of the IKAN test. Hearing from Jo that the 3 second rule was a bit unfair to measure students knowledge against put my mind at ease. Jo also shared how using the IKAN test papers after being marked was a useful activity. Getting students to revisit the questions they got wrong and quickly see why, and whether they need more help with it or it is something that can be corrected easily.

Here are some more highlights from our PD:

  • Mathemagic time! - Have a go!
  • Aligning NZ Number Framework, Curriculum and National Standards
  • Explaining formative and summative assessment using the garden analogy
  • Using a Spidergraph for GloSS and IKAN
Below are slides Jo Knox shared with our staff.

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