Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mid Year GLOSS outcomes

In preparations for our mid-year reports, the GLOSS test was done for all our students across the school. I quite like this time as it gives me 1-1 time with students and an insight into how they actually think without the influence of their peers. 

Target group outcome:
  • 4/6 students made improvements - 67%
  • 1 made significant movement - moving from 'below' 2016 to 'at' mid year 2017.
  • 1 made no shifts in gloss stages
  • 1 went back in stages
Whole class outcome:
  • 18/28 - made a shift up in one or more area of the gloss test - 64%
  • 5 students completed the whole test
  • 8/28 students - went back in one or more areas of the gloss test - 29%
  • Majority of those who went back were 'Above' standard in 2016
What did I get out of this?
  • New groupings - special focus on extension students and those just below the standard.
  • Sorting out my 'clean data' - Why the backwards shift? Lots of discussions with students why they think so - looking back at their last gloss test - generated good discussions.
  • Identified small gaps that can be addressed using quick games rather than a whole class/whole week focus
Points of Interest:
  • Parents interviews had parents questioning the transition to high school - areas of weakness for students moving from intermediate was the coverage of strand and science
  • Focus of statistics in Term 2 - Maths vocabulary was an improvement. But no way of measuring how much they actually learnt 

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