Thursday, 28 September 2017

CoL Inquiry - SHARE checklist

I will be adding to the SHARE labels more next term as I work towards the end of year goals for my target students, extension students and my maths class as a whole.

One of the areas I need to be more explicit about is the Model/Guide section as this is split into 2 separate labels in the framework.

What happened as a result of the changes? Share evidence (artefacts of student learning, DLOs) and effective strategies.

What if my plans didn’t work? Are there different approaches?Who can help me? Peer observations, video analysis of my practice.

Model / Guide
How can my findings and experiences support my peers? How is this shared?

Feedback / Feedforward
What are my next steps? How will I sustain effective practice? Learner feedback? New goals?
“Inquiry into the teaching–learning relationship goes hand in hand with formative assessment, in the cyclical evaluation process that goes on moment by moment, day by day, and over the longer term.” Assessment-in-the-classroom/Teaching-as-inquiry

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