Thursday, 9 March 2017

CoL inquiry update - 3 weeks in...

The current vibe in my maths class at the moment is great! Students are eager to learn and looking around at other groups wondering when they'll get a chance to move up to the next activity. With our focus being on number knowledge, students are starting to pick up on the purpose for each activity they are taking part in. The realisation that the games are not just for fun but for the purpose of learning their place values or fractions.

After meeting with our CoL group last Thursday, I've managed to clarify in my head where I want my inquiry to go. Here is my slide I presented to my CoL group. 

Although my question is looking at measuring how much knowledge students do pick up, as a side note, I will also be observing and making notes on 'barriers'.
What barriers are preventing students from picking up the knowledge as they move through school. 
For the time being, I will be using my observations notes in class as a means of collecting data/evidence for this. This will help my address my actual inquiry question and finding new ways to accelerate learning for my priority students.

According to the Manaiakalani Teachers inquire into the CoL achievement challenges matrix, my inquiry question will be addressing: 'Increase the achievement of Years 1-10 learners, with a focus on Years 7-10, in maths, as measured against the National Standards and agreed targets.

So 3 weeks into the start of my inquiry, and I can already see students developing an awareness to the knowledge they need to have, in order to understand the strategies taught at the next level. My next steps will be measuring how effective it has been. Has there been any acceleration? how much? how do you know?

I look forward to what the next 3 weeks show up!

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