Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Number knowledge framework - PD

Last weeks Maths PD by Jo Knox linked really well to what I am inquiring into in my CoL inquiry. To recap - my inquiry is looking into whether providing class time to learn and practice new knowledge will help students pick up/acquire the strategies faster. What I have tried to observe and look into while doing this inquiry is what barriers are preventing students from acquiring the necessary knowledge as they progress through their schooling years to reach us at Year 7&8.

Jo Knox clarified the progressive stages of development in number for our whole staff. This proved really useful especially when teachers are so used to just sticking to their area/stage they teach most of at their year level.

One of the main points I took out of the PD was clarity around stages 4, 5 and 6 and what it looks like. Jo presented this by showing a question and prompting us to think what would kids do if they were at stage 4, 5 & stage 6. What would it look like and what knowledge they need to know next in order to learn the next strategy.

Here are Jo Knox's slides which were very useful and can be used again and again to refresh and clarify what we are teaching our students.

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